How long are the Training sessions?

Each session is two hours in duration.

How many Trainees can be in a Training session?

You can include up to 10 Trainees into any given session, providing they are all employed in the one and same organisation, which includes a subsidiary of an organisation. The more you include, the better value you receive. Anyway, it makes for better Training with more people in there.

How many sessions can I request?    

You can request just one session, to concentrate on just one unit. Or, we can deliver multiple sessions to teach multiple units. Or, we can deliver the full qualification, and this will take the required number of sessions as detailed on the Our Fees & Terms page.

Can we run Training sessions back to back?

Sure. No problem. We can run up to 3 x two hour sessions in one day, if that’s what you want. However, please note that we can’t space the individual sessions more than one hour apart…otherwise, our Trainer will be sitting around waiting.

Will extra sessions be required?

All the Training necessary to gain the complete qualification can be delivered in the prescribed number of sessions. However, if your Trainee(s) miss a session for whatever reason (work obligations, sickness, holidays, etc) and a further session is required, then the normal session fee of $875 will be incurred by you for every additional session.

Are there any fees to the Trainee?

There are no fees to the Trainee whatsoever; that includes admin fees, cancellation fees, exit penalties, annual fees, stationery fees…nothing!

How will Maddisson Employment & Training Group customise Training content to match our operations?

Each new client is entitled to a complimentary one hour meeting with a Trainer from Maddisson Employment & Training Group to learn about your operations, industry, culture and individual needs with respect to Training. Any additional time spent will incur a fee at a rate of $165 per hour.

What if we have to cancel a Training session?

Sometimes this happens and it’s unavoidable. We get that. And we’re happy to work in with you. But all we ask is that you notify us 24 hours prior to the scheduled session, so we don’t send out our Trainer just to find out that the session is not on. If we don’t receive notification within this timeframe, then we’ll need to invoice you for the session anyway.

What is our Privacy Policy?

If you want to know any details about you that we may have on file, you simply need only ask us by phoning 02 9135 2966 or emailing us at training@metg.com.au

Maddisson Employment & Training Group may need to supply DIISRTE, the NSW Department of Education and Training, ASQA, Australian Apprenticeship Centres, other Registered Training Organisations and/or your Employer with details regarding your Traineeship. This may include personal details such as name, address and date-of-birth through to the results of your assessments.

In accordance with the Privacy Act, Maddisson Employment & Training Group will not disclose any details about you or your Traineeship to any party which is not involved in the Training Market without first receiving written permission from you. Your details will not be sold to any marketing company.

Our precise Privacy Policy will be presented to each employee (student) before we commence of any training, and we will request an agreement before proceeding.